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Frequently Asked Questions
Question #1 • For Windows Computers
I'm using Internet Explorer, what do I do?
Answer #1:
CloudCraft Television does not recommend Internet Explorer or Safari at this time.
However we highly recommend Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Camino and Flock.

Question #2 • For Windows Computers
The Black Screen appears with (no video) in the center of the screen and nothing else happens, what do I do?
Answer #2:
First try restarting your browser. If that didn't workRe-Install VLC Player, this time make sure to check the Mozilla Plugin Checkbox when prompted by the installation wizard. Then you must restart your browser.

Question #3 • For All Computers
I have downloaded the player and the Black Screen still does not appear, what do I do?
Answer #3:
Restart your browser. If that does not solve the issue, we would suggest purchasing a new Mac or PC

Question #4 • For All Computers
The videos play, but they stop after a few seconds. Sometimes it will even come back on if I wait long enough, what do I do?
Answer #4:
Upgrade your Internet speed to 10 mbps downstream or higher, we would suggest either AT&T U-Verse or Verizon Fios if they are available in your area.
Also, if you check your speed and find that you are running at 7 mbps or higher and the picture stills stops occassionally, you may need to take all other components that are using your Internet service Offline while watching CloudCraft Television.
Finally, if your running your Internet through a router wirelessly, there needs to be an unobstructed path from the router to the computer or receiver in order to ensure continued service from CloudCraft Television.